L’il Doll – Magic Fingers

Female bodybuilder Li’l Doll is posing for you so you can enjoy looking at the mature muscles of her pecs, biceps, legs, and glutes, and taking off her panties with her bare feet. Then she masturbates her big clit, forgetting her toy and penetrating herself with her fingers, while you watch in close-up.

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Ashlee and Wild Kat – Tighty Whities [2 of 2]

Female bodybuilders and muscle porn stars Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat are giving a BBC a two-hand job and masturbating their big clits with his big cock while he worships the massive, vascular muscles of their pecs, biceps, abs, glutes and legs. Then he gets a very satisfying quad job. Watch the muscle fucking and muscle sex in tight close-up.

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Sophie – She’s A Bouncer. And That’s A Good Thing.

Female bodybuilder Sophie likes to bounce – first jumping rope, then on a trampoline. She also likes to pose to show off the muscles of her big, vascular biceps, powerful Pecs and legs and Ripped Abs.

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WildKat – Hard And Lean

Watch in close-up as mature female bodybuilder WildKat, in the bedroom, penetrates herself with a gigantic toy and holds it between her powerful pecs, then masturbates her big clit. Enjoy looking at her vascular, muscular legs, biceps and abs as she writhes and moans. “Two heads are better than one,” she smiles.

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Alexis B – “You’re Such A Wimp!”

Female bodybuilder Alexis B takes off her panties and works out naked in the gym, posing to show you her mature muscles: powerful pecs, vascular biceps, awesome abs, and superstrong legs, glutes and calves. “You’re such a wimp,” she teases. “I bet you can’t even do one rep.”

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Nikki Jackson – Naughty Nikki

You can tell Nikki Jackson’s feeling naughty right away – she’s posing in sexy lingerie, stockings and high platform shoes in the bedroom, letting you admire her pecs, legs and tattooed glutes, then taking off her panties so you can get a good close-up look at her ass and pussy when she starts playing with and penetrating herself with a toy. Naughty enough? 

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Francesca – “Pay Attention!”

Female bodybuilder Francesca’s working her tattooed shoulders and biceps and posing for you so you can enjoy the mature muscles of her pecs, legs, glutes and abs close-up as she does one-legged push-ups. When she says, “Pay attention,” you should

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Dana – Mature Results [2 of 2]

Female bodybuilder Dana is naked, working her mature muscles in the gym, and posing to show you how big and strong her pecs, biceps, abs, legs, glutes and calves are. Like those results?

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Gina Jones – Have You Met Ms. Jones?

Mature female bodybuilder Gina Jones is posing for you in the bedroom, showing you how ripped and vascular she is, and pointing out all her hard muscles: her wide lats, her big pecs and biceps, her strong legs and glutes and her awesome abs. Now that you’ve met her, you won’t forget her.

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