True Fit – When The Boss Is Away

True Fit’s alone in the office, so she’s taking off her business suit and posing naked in her birthday suit, showing off her tattooed biceps and her muscular, mature pecs, legs, and glutes, and giving you a look at her sweet pussy and ass in close-up.

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Sophie – She’s A Bouncer. And That’s A Good Thing.

Female bodybuilder Sophie likes to bounce – first jumping rope, then on a trampoline. She also likes to pose to show off the muscles of her big, vascular biceps, powerful Pecs and legs and Ripped Abs.

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Li’l Doll – “Do You Want To Touch Me?”

In the bedroom, female bodybuilder Li’l Doll whispers, “Do you want to touch me?” as you watch her masturbate her wet pussy and big swollen clit and play with her ass in close-up. The mature muscles of her pecs, biceps, abs, legs, glutes and calves will make you answer “Yes!”

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Catherine de Sade – Pussy Press

Catherine de Sade’s never used a vertical leg press before, but she’s brought her favorite toy to the gym to try it out. Once she’s naked, stroking her pecs, abs and biceps and pressing her muscular wide-open legs up and down, she wets the big black dildo in her mouth and penetrates herself deep with it, masturbating as you watch the video in close-up. But she’s lost count – can you help?

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WildKat – “How’s That Pump Coming?” [1 of 2]

Female bodybuilder Wild Kat is in the gym, working her mature, vascular biceps muscles with heavy dumbbells and posing to show the results. “How’s that pump coming?” she asks as she fondles her powerful pecs, ripped abs and big swollen clit, pulling her panties aside and getting naked so you can enjoy her muscular legs, glutes and calves, and the masturbation close up. So, how is it coming?

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Wild Kat – The Golden Goddess [1 of 3]

Three thieves try to rob Wild Kat, but they don’t realize she’s a female bodybuilder who can squeeze their little necks between her massively muscled legs. She poses in her golden bikini and high-heeled shoes, showing off her tight abs, verbally humiliating and belly punching one thief and smothering him with her pecs, then choking two others with her big biceps as she forces them to worship her muscles. A hand job’s next. No one messes with the Golden Goddess.

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Amazon Alura – “I Try To Be A Lady”

Amazon Alura’s getting ready for a fan date, posing in high-heeled shoes, playing with her pecs and panties, flexing her big biceps, stretching her muscular, flexible legs and glutes, and imagining what will happen on her date as she masturbates. “” try to be a lady,” she smiles, “but I don’t know how!”

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Li’l Doll – Wake My Big Clit Up!

Female bodybuilder Li’l Doll’s in the bedroom, posing to show you her mature muscles: her big biceps, powerful pecs, tight abs, and strong legs and glutes. But she’s tired, and decides, “I need to wake my clit up!” Watch her masturbate that big clit in close-up.

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Nuriye – She’s Extreme. And So Are Her Muscles.

“I want to be extreme,” female bodybuilder Nuriye tells you in your virtual session, posing in panties to show you her powerful pecs, vascular biceps, ripped abs and muscular legs, glutes and calves, and explaining the extreme things she’d do with the “girl next door.”

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Oksana – Is That Good For You?

Is that good for you? asks female bodybuilder Oksana as she poses for you in the gym, flexing the mature muscles of her vascular biceps, powerful pecs, legs and glutes and ripped abs, and gives you a close-up look as she plays with her big clit and tight ass. That’s good for you, isn’t it?

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