Alexis B – “Harder Than Your Cock!”

“Feel these quads,” says female bodybuilder Alexis B, stroking the mature, vascular muscles of her legs in the gym as she poses nude for you, taking off her panties. “They’re harder than your cock.” Watch as she works out and shows off her pecs, glutes, calves, biceps and abs, and you’ll probably prove her wrong.

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Monica Martin – “You’re So Weak” [2 of 2]

In professional female bodybuilder Monica Martin’s virtual session with you, she’s posing nude in the bedroom in panties and high-heeled shoes, showing off the ripped, tattooed, vascular muscles of her pecs, biceps legs, glutes, calves and abs, and her muscle. “I am your boss,” she says. “How does it feel to be my slave?

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Mandy K – “They’re So Hard,” She Says. You Might Be Too.

You get a virtual session with Mandy K in the gym, watching her as she trains the hard, mature muscles of her legs, glutes, and calves and poses in panties, showing off her sexy pecs and tattooed biceps. “They’re so hard,” she says, stroking her muscles. Bet you are too.

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Dana – Mature Results

Female Bodybuilder Dana works her pecs, traps and biceps in the gym, then poses nude to show you the results with mature female muscle. You’ll like the look of her strong legs, glutes and abs too.

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Tonya – Wet Reign

Ripped Tonya’s in the gym, masturbating her wet pussy and big clit while you watch in close-up. You’ll like watching that clit get bigger and harder as she plays with it, and watching her penetrate herself with a gigantic toy cock. The mature muscles of her pecs, biceps and abs are looking good too.

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Oksana – Is That Good For You?

Is that good for you? asks female bodybuilder Oksana as she poses for you in the gym, flexing the mature muscles of her vascular biceps, powerful pecs, legs and glutes and ripped abs, and gives you a close-up look as she plays with her big clit and tight ass. That’s good for you, isn’t it?

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Devon Michaels – Come On In [1 of 2]

“Come on in,” porn star Devon Michaels says, posing in the bedroom to show you her powerful pecs, big biceps, muscular glutes and legs and her wet pussy and tight ass, and masturbating while you watch in close-up. Then she breaks out a big Toy. Bet you can’t wait to see that come on into Devon.

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Rita – Want To See How Wild I Get? [2 of 2]

“Come closer and kiss my bicep,” professional female bodybuilder Rita whispers as she poses nude for you in the bedroom, showing off her tattooed, muscular, vascular legs, glutes, and abs and her powerful pecs, and giving you a look at her pierced kitty. “You cannot escape me,” she says with a smile.

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Yvonne – I Am In Charge

In your virtual session with Yvonne, she’s a superheroine with muscles – and nunchuks – who’s going to get the villians. She poses to display her super biceps, pecs, abs, legs, glutes and abs, showing you how she’ll punish them hard for what they’ve done. “I am in charge,” she says. And you’d better not doubt her. 

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